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Pressure Washing & Dusting

Maintaining the Appearance of Your Building

Have your commercial building washed and cleaned with our pressure washing and dust removal services. With KM Cleaning Services in Bartlett, Tennessee, on the job, you receive thorough cleaning services that keep your building sparkling clean.

Pressure Washing

Keep your sidewalks, building, or windows cleaned by having them pressure washed. The benefits of this service include gum removal, graffiti cleanup, and mold removal from the exterior of the building as well as sidewalk surfaces.

When you receive our service, it improves the appearance of your building. By using hot water (3,000 per square inch), we properly get your property cleaned.

Dust Collection

Don't let the dust level in your facility increase. Not cleaning the dust out at least once a year makes your dust collection grow. With our dust removal, we keep the level down.

High Dusting

If your commercial building goes up to 20 or 25 feet, look to us for high dust removal. Our high dusting service is done on a yearly basis, as sometimes we need a lift or a ladder to reach the higher places. By using our service, dust is cleared from the top of your building.

Contact us to pressure wash off any outside marks and mold stains from your company's building for a clean look.

Clean Exterior